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19 thoughts on “Backwash

  1. They need to invent a washing machine with a built in TV screen. And a TV vacuum, TV stove, TV fridge, TV ironing board. And for us blokes a TV lawn mower, TV powertools, TV…
    Oh hang on we don’t actually go outside & use that stuff. We just sit on the couch & watch TV while the women do housework. Actually they don’t need TV fitted appliances as us men can just tell ’em the football score once they’ve finished the housework


      • I dunno Enrique as I think the Scientists would be bribed by the political powers to develop TV Rifles, TV Tanks, TV Fighter Planes, TV Warships… Oh hang on, when I was in the Navy we had TV on the Warships. Damn they are closer at pulling his off than we realized


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