Doodlie Softie

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Many of you have been wondering where I got my personal Kit Karidoo. The reason I had him custom made was to serve as physical inspiration for my comics.  I keep him handy at my work station to look at especially when I’ve got writer’s block.

The lady who had him made for me is a very talented artist. Her name is Emese Varaljai. I can’t tell you how impressed I am with her work. If you are ever in the need of getting a drawing, doodle or character out of the page and unto your hands this is where to get it done!

Emese has a great eye for detail and really cares about your character as much as you do. Don’t believe me? Here is her website, check it out for yourself:

Doodlie Softie

and her Facebook page

Tell her Enrique sent you!


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